Patient Safety Institute


Who Is PSI

PSI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization governed by leading consumer, physician and hospital advocates. We are working to ensure patients receive care from a healthcare provider who has access (with permission) to their Personal Health Record (regardless of the source).

PSI was formed to provide the healthcare industry with a commonly owned, inclusive network utility to support communities (Regional Health Information Organizations, RHIOs) in delivering real-time healthcare information to achieve:
  • High quality care through more complete clinical information at the point of treatment or decision
  • Safer care by reducing errors caused by incomplete clinical information
  • Lower costs through reduction in duplicate diagnostic tests and unnecessary admissions
PSI is NOT a vendor pushing a proprietary technology or product; communities are free to use the technology of their choice. PSI is a collaborative organization, like VISA, enabling communities and organizations to achieve success together they could only dream of individually (see Applying the Successful Financial Services Model to Healthcare - Credit Card Analogy).

To improve healthcare through the creation of a non-profit, open architecture network to deliver healthcare information.

Patients, physicians, hospitals, and technology working together to save lives, improve healthcare quality and control costs.

To create a utility to support communities in delivering healthcare information.

  • Improve healthcare quality
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Lower cost of healthcare
  • Strengthen privacy and security of patients, physicians, and hospitals
  • Enhance the patient-physician and hospital-physician-patients relationships