Patient Safety Institute


PSI Guiding Principles
  • Patient Safety is the mission (cost reduction is a significant by-product)
  • Patient privacy and security are foundational
  • Governance is inclusive and representative
  • Participation is voluntary, open to all, controlled or dominated by none
  • Operational direction is community driven
PSI Foundational Principles


  • PSI serves patients through its philosophy, guidance, and actions. Its foremost task is to enable and enhance community-based collaboration for improved patient health and safety.
  • Its governance provides equal voices for patients and those stakeholders who directly provide care to patients (physicians and hospitals).
  • PSI will be funded only by those means which do not compromise its principles.
Governing bodies of community, regional, and national networks that provide access to patient-centric clinical data:

  • Deliberations of governance bodies must be conducted, and decisions made, by bodies and methods that reasonably represent stakeholder parties, controlled or dominated by none.
  • Participation must be equitably open to all individuals and organizations that materially affect patient health and safety.
  • Governance must be controlled in nonprofit organizations that are governed by consumers and those who provide care.
  • Organizational by-laws must provide consumers with control and veto power in the areas that directly impact the privacy and security of data.
Patient-Centric Clinical Data:

  • Must remain under the control of the individual.
  • Not be disclosed or disseminated to others without that individual's “opt-in” consent.
  • Participation shall be voluntary with the right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Data should remain at its source, accessed in a distributed manner and not collected in a central repository.