Patient Safety Institute

What Is Different About PSI?

A self-funded health care information network model that works.
  • Technology (open architecture design proven over 2 years of continuous, successful operation)
  • Physician Support and Buy-in (rave reviews by physicians using in practice)
  • Scalability (network is modular and scalable to meet the needs of the country)
  • Organizational Model (structure based on private sector success of VISA with competitors collaborating on common infrastructure. Trusted third party, inclusive, nonprofit governance of the governed with stakeholder representation creates “Switzerland” safe haven for all stakeholders and competitors)
  • Economic Model (self-funding economic model uses value-based user fees and leverage of national economies of scale to support community implementation and operations)
  • Consumer Support (widespread grass roots support based on consumer-centered governance & voice with strong privacy/security policies)
  • Information Availability (lack of EMRs are NOT an obstacle to receiving valuable information. PSI leverages alternative existing national and regional electronic data sources and linkages as well as traditional sources. As EMRs become more prevalent, the value of the information becomes greater)