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Dictaphone Partners with Patient Safety Institute (PSI) to Improve Patient Care, Lower Health Care Costs

Alliance accelerates PSI patient safety and national connectivity programs; offers Dictaphone users enhanced data security and confidentiality standards.

Plano, TX, August 28, 2002 - Patient Safety Institute announced today the addition of Dictaphone Corporation as a Supporting Partner of the Patient Safety Institute (PSI).  Dictaphone will play a role in PSI’s nationwide initiative to connect medical records across multiple care settings without compromising patient privacy. To achieve the common goals of improving patient care, reducing medical errors and lowering the costs of healthcare, the relationship will combine the power of PSI’s focus upon patient safety with Dictaphone’s advanced technology and leadership position as the premier provider of dictation, transcription and report management solutions to healthcare organizations and providers.

“Together, Dictaphone and PSI have a unique opportunity to provide the healthcare community with improved quality and access to important clinical information, while protecting the rights and confidentiality of patients and providers,” said Rob Schwager, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dictaphone Corporation.

“Each day, several hundred thousand physicians use Dictaphone systems to generate an estimated 600 million narrative medical reports each year. This unique market access, combined with important advancements by Dictaphone in Speech Recognition and Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technologies, which are designed to dramatically reduce transcription costs and extract clinical data from these information-rich narrative medical reports, offer tremendous synergy between our two organizations,” Schwager said.

“It is PSI’s vision to provide physicians, both in the hospital and in their private practices, with a means to access the critical patient information needed to safely and effectively treat their patients. Dictaphone’s speech recognition and data abstraction technology is a very strong complement to the PSI vision,” said Jack Lewin, MD, CEO of the California Medical Association and chair of PSI's Board of Directors. “Dictaphone’s relationship with PSI will prove to be very helpful in advancing PSI’s mission of timely, practical and accessible clinical information,” Lewin said.

About Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions Group

Dictaphone currently deploys dictation, transcription and report management system solutions in some of the world’s premier healthcare organizations. Its solutions automate and integrate critical elements in the creation and management of health information, helping healthcare organizations improve productivity and the quality of patient care. Dictaphone’s flagship Enterprise Express dictation, transcription and report management system is an integral part of the creation and flow of patient information in a substantial number of hospitals. It currently supports several hundred thousand physicians who use Dictaphone systems to generate an estimated two million reports a day. Dictaphone is also actively deploying its EXSpeech and PowerScribe speech recognition solutions, designed to dramatically reduce transcription costs and speed report turnaround. Dictaphone has also introduced the ichart family of Internet subscription-based applications services provider (ASP) solutions that offer dictation, transcription, and speech recognition access, as well as the ability to integrate existing systems with new coding, natural language and data mining technologies, which can significantly reduce the costs of managing patient information. For sales and product information visit Dictaphone at or call 1-888-350-4836.

Dictaphone Corporate Contact--Don Fallati - Senior Vice President Marketing & Strategic Planning

Dictaphone Corporation (203) 381 7218,

About Patient Safety Institute

PSI is a non-profit, patient-oriented, community driven organization dedicated to providing confidential, real-time access to critical clinical information to patients, hospitals and physicians at the point of care. Under a collaborative governance model, patient, physician, and hospital leaders have united to combine the power of new and emerging technology with the strength of patient-provider relationships to improve the quality of care and lower health care costs. PSI's goals are to:

  • Improve healthcare quality,
  • Reduce medical errors,
  • Lower the cost of health care,
  • Strengthen the privacy and security of patients, physicians, and hospitals, and
  • Enhance the patient-physician and hospital-physician-patient relationships.

For additional information visit Patient Safety Institute at or call (972) 444-9800.

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