Patient Safety Institute

Linda F. Golodner

Linda F. Golodner was appointed CEO of the National Consumers League (NCL) in 1985, and elected president in 1991. Before coming to NCL, Ms. Golodner was president of her own public affairs firm, representing non-profit institutions, associations and political organizations. She also worked for the U.S. House of Representatives on the staff of former Congressman James G. O'Hara of Michigan.

Ms. Golodner serves on the Board of Directors of the National Council on Patient Information and Education and the National Patient Safety Foundation, the American National Standards Institute, Fair Labor Association, and International Cocoa Initiative. In addition, she co-chairs the Verizon Consumer Advisory Board and is a founding member of, and co-chairs, the Child Labor Coalition.

Golodner received the FDA Commissioner's Citation and the American Pharmaceutical Association's Hugo H. Schaefer Award. The United Nations Association (NCA) also honored her for her work in human rights. The American Council on Consumer Interests presented her with the 1999 "Friend of Consumers Award" in recognition of her outstanding contributions to policies that promote consumers' interests nationally and internationally. The Direct Selling Education Foundation presented her with their Circle of Honor award.